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Our people development solutions help organisations to grow through exceptional leadership, people management and employee wellbeing. Based in Oxfordshire, we work with organisations across the country to provide manager training, leadership development and workplace wellbeing training and coaching solutions.

What We Do


In today’s fast changing world, the capability of your leaders is critical to your success. Your leaders need to be able to collaborate, innovate and problem solve. They need to be able to remain resilient in the face of stress and uncertainty. We will help leaders, at all levels in your organisation, unlock new leadership capabilities to better lead themselves, others, and your business.

Our Leadership Development Programmes


Your managers have the biggest influence on the performance and wellbeing of your people. Often managers are promoted to a people manager position because they are good at the technical side of their job, rather than because they have the skills or potential to successfully manage people. You need your managers to bring out the best in people, and we can help them develop the skills they require to successfully lead teams and grow your business.

Our Manager Development Programmes


Your people represent your organisation. You need them to create a positive impression, and we can help them develop the confidence and skills they require to make your business shine.

Our People Development Programmes

Workplace Wellbeing
& Mental Health

Wellbeing plays a huge role in the success of your business. It affects employee engagement, productivity and performance, as well as absence and retention rates. We look, not only at mental health first aid, but at all the factors influencing wellbeing in your organisation. By considering the 3 levels in our wellbeing framework, we help you create a healthier workplace and generate better business results.

Our Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Open Courses

Willow & Puddifoot are part of a consortium bringing a range of people development solutions to business parks across Oxfordshire. Our open courses are available to people from any business or industry who are looking to grow and develop their skills in the workplace.

Our Open Courses