Are you an HR Manager or Business Owner with Employee Wellbeing on your Radar

Do you have an existing strategy to promote employee wellbeing in your business? Do you want to develop this within your workforce? Is mental wellbeing part of your overall strategy to promote employee welfare?

Here are some concerning facts:

One in four people in the UK experience mental health issues (, 2019)

The Centre for Mental Health estimates that mental health problems at work cost employers £35 billion per year. This is the equivalent of c£1,300 for each employee. (5/09/2017)

When we think about Mental Wellbeing, the impact of financial worries is often overlooked. Struggling to manage finances exerts a substantial psychological burden which doesn’t disappear when an employee arrives at work.

However, many employees in the UK are financially fragile. A quarter (26%) of working age adults have no money saved at all, and a further third (29%) have less than £1,000 put aside. Nearly 17 million working- age people across the UK have savings of less than £100 (Money Advice Service. Closing the Savings Gap. Money Advice Service. 2016.)

To be financially resilient, people need the skills and mindset to manage their money successfully, adequate savings to meet unexpected expenses and access to affordable credit when needed. Employers have a role to play in supporting all three strands of financial resilience.

Supporting mental and financial wellbeing is key to improving the health, happiness and productivity of your people to enable better business performance. As well as reducing sickness absence and staff turnover, better employee-wellbeing can also result in improved engagement, productivity, efficiency and innovation.

If this is of interest to you or a colleague, please get in touch to find out more about our event at the North Wall Gallery in Summertown on Tuesday 30th April at 5.30pm. Here we will share information on how to promote mental and financial wellbeing amongst your employees. We will explore ways to build and support a happier and therefore, more productive workforce for the success of your business.

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