Convert Your In-Person Training to Virtual Training

Have you successfully flipped your in-person training to virtual?

Virtual training can be just as effective as in-person but you need to plan how to achieve the same level of interactivity. Hopefully, these simple tips will help…

? Keep the learning objectives top of mind as you plan your virtual training. How can these best be achieved virtually?

⏱ Keep the theory to a minimum. No-one will thank you for a long lecture. Keep slides simple with few words, and impactful images where relevant. (More slides with less words is better than less slides with more words).

??‍♀️ Incorporate frequent interaction. Ask questions. Use the chat pane for responses and discussion.

⚙ Select the most appropriate activities using the technology you have available. Incorporate poll questions, break-out rooms, whiteboards, annotation tools, chat, etc. Consider the activities you would use in an in-person class – how would these best translate virtually?

? Facilitators need to be energetic and engaging. Ideally involve a producer as well – this person can take care of the technology and questions, making sure they all run smoothly and leaving the facilitator free to focus on facilitating.

? Don’t be scared and take the easy option of delivering your training as a webinar. People will be grateful for the time to catch up on their emails but their learning will be minimal!

Feel free to get in touch if you would like a hand converting your training to virtual.

Virtual training tips