Do Your People Managers Know How to Manage People?

Your managers have the biggest influence on the wellbeing and performance of your people.

But… often managers have been promoted to a people manager position because they are good at their day jobs. They may be a great sales person, great statistician or great administrator. However, that doesn’t necessarily make them a great people manager.

Poor people management has a huge negative impact on the effectiveness on the team. Bad management typically means higher staff turnover, lower engagement and lower productivity. Which ultimately means poorer business results.

How can you make sure you set your people managers up for success?

  • Select managers who have the potential and desire to manage people. This means they may not necessarily be the best sales person, etc. 
  • Don’t make managing people the only way to get ahead. Instead, have an alternative pathway for career progression. That way those who aren’t right for a people management position don’t have to take one just to progress.
  • Make the responsibilities of the people manager role clear. A good manager ensures their team members are clear on the expectations of them, and makes sure they have what they need to be successful. A good manager also recognises good work and encourages personal development. Make sure your managers have time for this. In addition, make sure you value, recognise and reward these critical management skills.
  • Provide your managers with the training and development they need to to be great in their role. Equip them with basic management skills like delegation, communication and goal setting. Provide them with coaching and/or mentoring opportunities to support their continued development on the job. It will be worth it!

We can help

To find out more about how we can help you set your people managers up for success please take a look at our manager development offerings. You’ll be setting your business up for success too!

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