Help! I can’t motivate my team through ANOTHER lockdown!

Here we go again. Another lockdown, more stress, and more challenges supporting and motivating your team.

You’ve done it all before – set up the tech, organised virtual team socials, team chat groups, etc. What can you do now to keep everyone motivated?

? Set some relatively easy to achieve short-term goals. Accomplishments that can be realistically achieved in the short-term have a positive impact on morale.

? Talk about it. I like to use the mad, sad, glad model to get teams talking about challenging situations – “What are you mad about, sad about, glad about?” As well as being therapeutic in itself, this kind of conversation often throws up ideas to make things better.

??‍♀️ Support your people managers. Managers have a huge impact on motivation, performance and wellbeing. It can be a tough job being a manager at times like this. Make sure your managers have the training and support they need.

? Have 1-1 support in place for those that need it. If you have an Employee Assistance Programme or mental health support in place remind people of it. If not, consider external support and be able to point people to charities that could support them.

What do you do to motivate your teams?

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