Manager Development

Your managers have the biggest influence on the performance of your people and therefore on the performance of your business. But… often managers have been promoted to a people manager position because they are good at their day jobs. They may be great at what they do but that doesn’t necessarily make them a great people manager.

Employers who give their managers the skills to bring out the best in their people, reap the benefits of an engaged and productive workforce.

We help managers of all levels develop their people skills. Our flagship Keystone service provides an innovative, on-going approach to manager development. We also offer a range of programmes, adapted to meet the specific needs of your workplace.

Here are some of our Manager Development Programmes suitable for the development of managers (or potential managers) within your organisation:

Management Development Programme

Having the right people management in place is key for organisational growth. Managers with good people skills are able to maximise employee engagement and drive business performance.

This 3-day programme (six 3-hour sessions virtually) provides the skill-sets needed for today’s manager, so that they can drive the growth of your people and your business.

What Do Participants Learn?

As a result of attending this programme, participants will acquire the ability to:

  • Transition from a team member to a team leader
  • Have the self-awareness to understand how their behaviour impacts the team
  • Develop strong trust based relationships
  • Motivate, engage and influence people
  • Give and receive impactful feedback, and manage conflict
  • Build a high performance team and a positive team culture

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers who have recently moved into a people manager position
  • Associates who will be moving into a people manager position
  • Managers from a specialist functional or technical background looking to develop their people management skills

Why Choose Willow & Puddifoot’s Management Development Programme?

  • Content that is focussed on the skills needed for front-line managers in today’s world
  • Interactive, experiential learning that equips participants with practical skills and the ability to apply them back in the workplace
  • Follow-up workshop and 1-1 coaching to support the on-the-job development of the skills learned
  • Expert facilitators providing a high level of support


The programme has a 3 phased approach:

Phase 1: Pre-work

Prior to attending the 3 days of instructor-led workshops, the programme requires the completion of an on-line questionnaire to identify areas of strength and development (approximately 1 hour).

Phase 2: Workshop

The workshop is experiential, practical and interactive. We use the latest science of learning to bring you a learning experience that will transform behaviour. During the workshop, participants create an action plan based on their learning, for implementation back at their workplace.

In-person: 3-days
Virtual: six 3-hour sessions

Phase 3: Implementation

After the workshop there is a follow up workshop (1 hour) and a 1-1 coaching session (50 minutes) to support the implementation of the participants’ action plan.

Manage People for Peak Performance

The perfect introduction to people management. This 1-day experiential workshop gives managers the tools and techniques they need to effectively motivate and engage their teams to achieve peak performance. 

What Do Participants Learn?

Managers gain a clear view of their role as a manager:

  • Understanding their people and what’s important to them
  • Setting expectations and goals
  • Coaching, listening and questioning skills
  • Providing effective feedback
  • The performance management cycle
  • Recognition, celebration and reward
  • Prioritisation, what and how to delegate

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers who are new to managing people
  • Managers who have not previously received any formal management training
  • Associates who will soon take on people management responsibility


  • 1-day in-person or two 3-hour sessions virtually
  • Experiential workshop
  • Instructor-led

Coach for Growth

Coaching drives performance and engagement. This 2-day experiential workshop gives managers the coaching skills they need to help their associates approach challenges and acquire new skills.

What Do Participants Learn?

Managers practice a range of coaching skills:

  • Being open, listening to understand and suspending judgement
  • Skilful questioning
  • Understanding motivations, strengths and aspirations
  • Challenging thinking and assumptions
  • Helping others find their own solutions
  • Knowing when to coach vs. when to direct
  • Delivering constructive feedback

Who Should Attend?

  • People managers of any level
  • Anyone who develops and coaches others


  • 2-days in-person or four 3-hour sessions virtually
  • Experiential workshop
  • Instructor-led

Lead Through Change

This experiential workshop prepares participants with the skills  to apply best practice change techniques and successfully drive change initiatives.

What Do Participants Learn?

Participants gain an understanding of how people experience change and what they need to change successfully:

  • Understanding how people react to change
  • Navigating people successfully through change
  • Applying an easy to use model for individual change
  • Building a change plan for their own change project

Who Should Attend?

  • People leaders
  • Change managers


  • 1-day in-person or two 3-hour sessions virtually
  • Experiential workshop
  • Instructor-led

Influence for Impact

In today’s workplace, we need to make things happen, without authority. This 2-day experiential workshop gives participants the skills they need to influence people both inside and outside the organisation.

What Do Participants Learn?

Participants will learn how to have an impact and get things done in complex working environments:

  • Understanding and connecting with people
  • Practicing influencing skills
  • Understanding individual styles
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Presenting their ideas

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who need to influence people over whom they have no direct authority, either within the organisation or externally


  • 2-days in person or four 3-hour sessions virtually
  • Experiential workshop
  • Instructor-led

Manage Thriving Teams

Managers make or break employee wellbeing. Equip your leaders with the skills needed to generate a culture of wellbeing, and the ability to recognise signs of poor mental health when they arise.

What Do Participants Learn?

Managers gain the knowledge, skills and key behaviours needed to lead thriving teams, aligned with the Thriving at Work core standards:

  • Understanding mental wellbeing and the link with performance
  • Creating a culture of wellbeing
  • The impact of coronavirus on wellbeing (updated on an on-going basis)
  • An overview of the most common mental health issues
  • Recognising signs of poor mental wellbeing
  • Reducing burnout
  • Conversational skills
  • Knowing what to do when a member of your team is suffering from poor mental health

Who Should Attend?

  • People leaders
  • HR


  • 1-day in-person or two 3-hour sessions virtually
  • Experiential workshop
  • Instructor-led

Discrimination Training

Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms – obvious and subtle – all of which can be detrimental and illegal.  Discrimination training helps drive positive, inclusive behaviour and helps prevent the problems caused by discrimination, whether intentional or not.

Participants understand discrimination in the workplace and acquire practical techniques to behave in a non-discriminatory way and build a positive and healthy workplace:

  • Understanding discrimination
  • Why we care about discrimination – legal, business and ethical
  • Why we discriminate
  • Role modelling positive behaviour as a manager
  • Empathy and conversational skills
  • When to go to HR

Who Should Attend?

  • People managers


  • 1 day in-person or two 2.5 hour sessions virtually
  • Experiential workshop
  • Instructor-led