Amplify: 1-to-1 Coaching

Developing future-ready leaders to achieve exceptional business results

Are your leaders navigating the challenges of modern leadership? The Amplify coaching journey transforms your leaders’ potential into performance. Designed with each individual leader’s specific challenges in mind, our tailored programmes elevate your leaders’ skills while aligning them with your organisation’s strategic goals.

Choose from our flexible coaching options to suit your needs.  Our Amplify coaches are certified coaches with a leadership background.

Our packages are designed to be as flexible as our coaching, tailored to include the features that most resonate with your leaders’ unique leadership opportunities.

  • Six Sessions: Ideal for exploring various aspects of professional growth. Gain valuable insights, and enhance leadership capabilities.
  • Twelve Sessions: Ideal for continuous growth and transformation. Maximise leadership potential through an extended coaching journey that allows for profound personal and professional development.